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September 3, 2014

Have you ever wondered what happens when a common passion unites 12 strangers under a big Texas sky???…A WHOLE LOT OF AWESOME, that’s what!

I  have been admiring (ok…drooling) over the work of Michele Anderson with Pinkle Toes Photography in Austin, Texas since I stumbled across her website years ago. Her work captures the essence of what photography is all about…EMOTION! The honesty and realness she documents were a huge inspiration  to me as a budding photographer. I remember thinking to myself… Wow! The joy and love in this moment is literally tangible. I want family photos like that…and I want to capture those feelings in my photography. This was one of my first exposures to lifestyle photography and I was HOOKED. Epiphany! Professional photography doesn’t have to be itchy clothes, stuffy studios with bright lights, plastic plants and forced smiles with expressionless eyes….HOLY MOLY! All my youthful years seeing people laugh through my lens is actually a STYLE of photography…MIND BLOWN! Looking back…it totally makes sense…I was forever “sneaking” images while no one was looking at my camera. Of course, I also took more traditional portraits…but now 10 and 20 years later…which do you think are my favorites? Which adorn my walls and make me smile every day?

My #1 goal when I started The Queen B Photography was to create images that evoke emotion in the viewer….to capture those in between moments of pure realness that will be the family favorites for generations. I will be the first to admit I have struggled with my photography journey and staying true to my vision. I want to please people…to make them happy and give them what they want…even if it meant not being myself and straying from the art that I so desperately wanted to create. I began to doubt myself, my talent and my vision.

Enter….Pinkle Toes Workshop Austin. EXACTLY what I needed to re-charge, re-focus and re-vamp The Queen B Photography. Michele (hostess with the mostest) and Annette (coordinator/organizer/chef/get ‘er done master) welcomed me and 9 other ladies to Austin, Texas for a jam packed weekend.

We started with lots of not so exciting…but oh so necessary business talk. Then off to an amazing field of sunflowers for headshots…and yes, we were technically across from a Wal-mart parking lot. Just goes to show you that there are beautiful backdrops everywhere!

Unique Headshots in Sunflower Field The next morning we got the honor of meeting Michele’s beautiful twin nieces for an in home baby session!

Lifestyle in home newborn twin girl photo shootWe wrapped up the afternoon at the most beautiful park!!! Oh how I wish we had a creek running through a park here in Houston. It was so much fun for the family and for us!

Lifestyle Family Photos in the Park with two little boysFun Family Photos with little boys in a Creek And we slept very well after that crazy busy day! The next morning we were all ridiculously envious over Michele’s amazing greenhouse setup. I seriously need one of these in my yard! Have to admit, though, I do not miss that rooster wake up call :)

Beautiful backyard greenhouse

Our soon to be mommy was absolutely stunning!!!

Unique Outdoor Bedroom Maternity PhotosUnique Greenhouse Maternity PhotosWell as you can see from my WAY oversharing of images…I had such an amazing time! It felt so wonderful to stretch those creative muscles and get back to what made me fall in love with photographing families in the first place. I can’t thank Michele enough for this incredible experience. Any photographers out there debating taking this workshop…stop right now…go do it!

I also made some super amazeballs new friends! So excited to have these ladies as a support group even though we are miles apart. Go check out the ridiculously talented Jessica Marchetti Photography – Southlake Family Lifestyle Photographer and see her take on this fabulous weekend in Austin!

  1. Texas Australia Photography RetreatPinkle Toes Photography

    September 3rd, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    […] It was a fabulous end to the summer Texas workshops! I haven’t looked at all of the posts yet, but I can’t wait to start going through the images in our blog circle from this group. Make sure you hop over and see Beth’s take on the Pinkle Toes Workshop:  The Queen B Photography – Houston Family Photographer! […]

  2. Pinkle Toes Photography

    September 3rd, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Oh, I loved reading what you wrote, Beth Storey-Wyble! Completely from the heart and it’s great to see someone following their passion in photography! Beautiful images, my friend. P.S. Our rooster croaked, so all is well here now, lol.

  3. Cindy Young

    September 3rd, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    Thanks, Beth, for sharing your beautiful images from the Pinkle Toes weekend in Austin! They are gorgeous and beautifully saturated! Great blog!!

  4. Sabrina Salathiel Gebhardt

    September 3rd, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    Hey girl. These images are amazing and you are super talented. Loved meeting you and sharing lots
    (and lots) of laughs:)

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